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SSAT Practice

SSAT Practice ( secondary school admission test )

The SSAT test which basically consists of an essay and then a set of questions which are multiple choice and cover mathematics, reading comprehension and verbal is the method used by the SSATB to decide private school or independent school placement of students into their high school and junior high school. ( SSATB stands for the secondary school admission test board ).

There is another test which has a similar name but nothing to do with the SSAT test, that is the SAT reasoning test. The SAT is for college or university entry and conducted by the college board so do not confuse the two they are not related.

As with any examination or test there is ONE thing that anyone can do to ensure they get better results and that is to study and do SSAT practice. By getting familiar with SSAT practice questions the student can become aware of what is expected of them and be better prepared for the test. SSAT Practice can be done in several ways, the best way is to use actual examples of SSAT Practice questions.

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