Elementary SSAT Test

Elementary SSAT test – tips to help pass

SSAT Test TipsOne important thing to remember 9and this only applies at the elementary level is… marks are NOT deducted for wrong answers. Which means this is the only level where if the candidate is unsure of the correct answer it is better to guess. Always make a guess even if you do not know the answer for sure. This could increase your final score. This can pay off greatly on the multiple choice questions as often one or two answers can be ruled out by process of elimination. Then finally you are left with less choice. If the answer is still unknown circle any of the remaining options rather than leaving a question not answered. For elementary level this is going to be one of the best SSAT test tips because it can make a difference to your score even when you don’t know the answer.

The SSAT test is designed to test the candidates abilities more than your average school exam. A standard school exam will test the candidate on certain parts of a subject which have already been taught. For a normal school test you only need to revise the lessons. With the SSAT test you may be challenged more. Not everything in the SSAT test will be something already learned. So another good tip is don’t panic, you will not be the only person finding certain parts hard. Again just try to answer every question in the best way you can.

Simple things like rest and nutrition can have a surprising difference on the way the brain performs. To ensure you are alert during the test be sure to get enough sleep the night before and eat s good meal an hour or so before the test. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water up to an hour before the test, then try not to drink to much water closer to the test to avoid the need to use the toilet.

In Summary

  • Answer every question
  • Don’t get over whelmed
  • Do practice Questions before the test
  • Get Plenty Of Rest before the test

The above Elementary SSAT Test Tips will help any candidate increase their score at elementary level.


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